Strategy Tester FAQ

  • What is the price behavior explorer telling me?
    • The price behavior explorer allows you to visualize how your strategy’s trades would have behaved over a period of time. You can dive into the details of the Price Behavior Explorer here.
  • What does the tabular data mean?
    • The Tabular Data section is where we display some high-level metrics of your strategy’s performance. You can learn more about what the data metrics mean here.
  • What does “Trade by next” mean?
    • In order for your entry conditions to become true, those candles must close. “Trade by next” is where you determine where you enter on the FOLLOWING candle.
    • Example, OHLC4 = (Open+High+Low+Close)/4
  • How can I buy the open or sell the close?
    • You can achieve this goal by utilizing our Candle Time Indicator. You can view how to utilize the candle time indicator in scripting here..
Jun 5, 2023

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