Multi-Factor Alerts & Multiple Timeframes

Multi-Factor Alerts for indicators with multiple timeframes is relatively straightforward—the alert will fire when all of the conditions are met across various timeframes. That said, there are a few caveats to keep in mind to avoid any confusion.


TrendSpider uses the last calculated data point on the larger time frame for the alert. For example, when you create an alert for an RSI level, such as a 5-min, 1-hour and daily RSI above 60, the alert will go off when the daily RSI crosses the 60 level.

Note: This may cause some issues when adding multiple conditions on smaller time frames alongside extremely large ones. For example, the alert below fires when the 5-min Stochastic K has crossed above the 5-min Stochastic D. In addition, the 5-min Stochastic D needs to be less than 20 and the 1-hour SMA 5 needs to greater than the 1-hour SMA 15. The alert in this picture appears to have misfired, but upon closer inspection, the algorithm works.

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