Earnings Reports (or simply Earnings) is an information concerning a company's earnings and its after-tax net income. This is a fairly complicated matter, and on TrendSpider, we use only a limited set of data points for this kind of data.

Using Earnings in scripting

Components supported: Scanner, Smart Checklist

You can use Earnings both "by date" and "by value".

Earnings (dates)

This kind of data gives you a way for knowing things like "there's an Earnings report coming in 5 days" or "there was an earnings report exactly 5 days ago".

Earnings (values)

The latter, earnigns "by value", gives you access to numbers like EPS (earnings per share), Surprise% (EPS Surprise percent, which is a different between analysts' expectations for EPS and the actual EPS reported) and Change% (which is a difference between the reported EPS and the EPS which has been reproted for the same quarter of a previous year).

NOTE ON OFFSETS: In scripting (i.e., scanning) Earnings Values work on a per-report basis (not a per-candle one). This means that "last" refers to the last report published, and "1 reports ago" refers to the previous report, disregarding of how long ago it had been published (in most cases it's 1 quarter).

NOTE ON "BY AT LEAST X%": "At least by X%" operator might behave couter-intuitive when one of your data points is zero. I.e., if your previous report's Surprise% was 0 and for the last report it's 1, then the Surprise% > Surprise% (1 report ago) at least by 10% script will be just as true as Surprise% > Surprise% (1 report ago) at least by 1000%, because of the purely mathematical reasons (as the result of 1/0 is not defined and limits to ∞).

Earnings Display Details
With Earnings selected in the events tab, you will see "Earnings" added to your indicator list. Select the three dots next to "Earnings" to reveal the display options. There are 3 formats available for Earnings: Standard, Short, Full, as well as alignment options for the top or bottom of your chart. Earnings data also supports "Earning Surprises". If you choose “Format: Full” in your earnings display settings, then you will see an S* mark on the labels: S+ for cases when the surprise is positive, S- when it’s negative, and S= when it’s zero.


Hover over any Earnings marking to reveal more in-depth information pertaining to the Earnings report, and how the EPS is being calculated. For every symbol, the accounting method used to calculate the EPS for earnings is different (this is noted as the “Type” when hovering over the “Earning” box on the chart). The reason why the method differs across all (most) the tickers is that for every ticker we’re using the method which makes the analyst expectations and reality more comparable to each other; as different analysts use different methods for their predictions.


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