The Assistant is all about getting things done quickly, without learning the interface. Open it using the Ctrl + K hotkey. Or, if you're a Quake kind of guy, use ~.

The Assistant simplifies access to various actions and functions within the platform. Instead of navigating through menus and options, you can simply type what you want to do or find in the Assistant. Assistant streamlines your interactions with TrendSpider, making it easier to execute the actions you need, whether they are built-in features or your custom content.

You don't need to memorize specific commands or learn any rules regarding how to use the Assistant; just type what you want, and it will provide relevant suggestions and execute commands for you.

The Assistant provides suggestions and actions based on your input. You can start from typing SMA to add a Simle Moving Average to your charts and go as far as find triangle breakouts in Biotech.

What the Assistant can do

Assistant offers you to search through a huge list of meaningful actions one could do on TrendSpider. These actions vary a great way, from basic things like "see a chart for a particular ticker" to complex combinations like "finding full time frame continuty in Russell 1000 list". Assistant supports a wide range of action types, which we'll explain below.

Assistant functionality is not limited to built-in functions; it can also work with your custom content. If you've created a custom scanner, strategy, visual script, watchlist, indicator or anything else, the Assistant can help you quickly access, combine or utilize them. In example, if you create a Visual Script named "AVWAP pinch" then your Assistant will start recognizing requests like find pinch in dow 30 or alert pinch on NFLX.

The Assistant may not cover every aspect of TrendSpider (yet), but it includes some of the most useful functions. Some commands save you 4 or more steps, thereby reducing necessity of you learning the TrendSpider interface at all.

Your custom content in the Assistant

Assistant makes your custom content items way more easy to use and manipulate. Think of the Assistant as a thing which can combine words you provide in meaningful sentences. Your content items (like watch lists or visual scripts) would be "words" in this case. Here are a few examples:

  1. Create a watch list named "Potfolio". After that, your Assistant will be suggesting good options for see portfolio or find triangle break in portfolio.
  2. Create a visual script named "Double Top confirmed" and try find double top in energy futures. Or, after p.1, double top in portfolio.
  3. Create a strategy named "MACD Cross" and try create bot MACD msft or test MACD cross NFLX.

Command types supported

A set of commands the Assistant suggests you depends on your own content and on the current state of your application. I.e., in case if you already have a VbP on your chart, you won't have a command for the purpose of adding yet another one, but you will have a command for the purpose of editing or removing yours. Assistant supports 90+ types of commands, which, in a combination with your content, will generate thousands of possible actions.

Here's a list of areas of TrendSpider which have commands available in the Assistant. This list is not exhaustive, but it vies you a sense of what to expect. Examples in this list are examples of search queries, so you can try them on your own.

  • Indicators: add, remove, edit properties, see source code etc. I.e., bbands or add sma.
  • Other Data types: enable on charts, hide from charts. I.e., earnigns on chart or msft short volume.
  • Market Breadth: browse [a given Breadth type on a given list]. I.e, ad ratio of energy.
  • Federal reserve data: browse [a given series]. I.e., bond yield, or unemployment rate in naperville.
  • Sidebar widgets: add, remove. I.e., see nasdaq 100 or unusual options.
  • Data Flow: browse. I.e., recent earnings.
  • Market Scanner: scan, edit, create. I.e., find triangle break in nasdaq 100 or find pull back.
  • Strategy Tester: test, create a bot. I.e., create ema cross bot on msft or test ema cross AAPL.
  • Chart Patterns, Candlestick Patterns: add, remove. I.e., doji or double top.
  • Documentation: browse. I.e., vwap docs or assistant.

A lot of commands (the ones which relate to per-ticker data) have 2 forms: a single command (like see earnings) or a ticker-dependent form (like see WMT searnings).

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