TrendSpider Chrome Extension

Introducing TrendSpider extension for Google Chrome, a tool that has been carefully designed and developed to make modern trading a fast, easy, and super efficient experience for traders.

The extension can crawl across any webpage you are surfing on the internet including your social media feed and highlight all the tickers mentioned in it so that you can easily identify them and hover your cursor over any of the highlighted symbols to instantly view its corresponding trading chart (directly fetched from TrendSpider) within the webpage itself.

No need to leave the webpage and deflect from your current browsing session to study a ticker. No need to flip through different charts again and again. All you have to do is follow three simple steps:

☑️ Download and enable the extension while browsing through a webpage
☑️ Hover your cursor over any of the symbols highlighted by the extension
☑️ View the corresponding trading chart without leaving the webpage

In this Documentation, you will explore:

  • How to Install TrendSpider’s Extension
  • A Walkthrough of Using Extension
  • Additional Settings and Configurations
  • Bonus: Do More than Viewing the Chart

Let’s get started 🚀

How to Install TrendSpider’s Extension

Step 1: Navigate to Chrome Web Store, enter the keyword "TrendSpider" in the search field, and select the TrendSpider extension from the list.

chrome web store

Step 2: Click on the Add to Chrome button to start installing the TrendSpider extension.

Add to Chrome TrendSpider

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear providing you the details on the effects that the TrendSpider extension will have on the web pages. Click on Add Extension button to confirm the action and the TrendSpider chrome extension will be successfully added to your Chrome browser.

confirm dialog

The extension will be loaded in your Chrome browser and you can start using it.

TrendSpider extension added

A Walkthrough of Using Extension

Step 1: From the list of extensions, select TrendSpider and sign in to your extension using your TrendSpider credentials.

Sign in to TrendSpider extension

This will activate the extension and all the tickers present on a webpage will turn green. You can hover your cursor over any of the highlighted symbols to view its corresponding trading chart.

activate the extension

NOTE: The users might experience technical issues using the TrendSpider Chrome extension if an Ad Blocker is activated in the browser.  Hence, it is recommended to disable the Ad-Blocker to expect the best results.

Additional Settings and Configurations

Enable Ticker Detection

This option needs to be toggled on for the extension to work. If you want to disable the extension, then you can toggle this off.

Enable Ticker Detection

Only Detect Tickers That Start With $

When this additional setting is toggled on along with the “Enable Ticker Detection” setting, then the extension will crawl across and highlight only those tickers that have $ as a prefix.

Detect Tickers That Start With $

Left Sidebar

Click on the left-sidebar to perform other functions like signing out of the extension, visiting TrendSpider, signing in to your TrendSpider account, and viewing legal notices (Terms of Service and Customer Contract).

additional settings in left sidebar

Bonus: Do More than Viewing the Chart

The extension not only allows you to view the chart but also lets you perform the following actions within the chart preview itself:

  • Show Chart Legend to View Active Indicators
  • Toggle On/Off: Indicators Visibility on Chart
  • Configure Indicator Settings
  • Adjust the X-axis (Time) and Y-axis (Price) of the Chart

Perform additional functions in TrendSpider extension

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