Direct Connection with SignalStack Using Webhook

Connect TrendSpider to SignalStack by sending the alert Webhooks and automate your TrendSpider strategies in stock brokers and crypto exchanges like Alpaca, ByBit, Coinbase, Oanda, TD Ameritrade, Tradier, and Tradestation.

Please follow the stages outlined below to get started.

Stage I: Connect to Stock Broker or Cryptocurrency Exchange

Step 1: Navigate to your SignalStack account and click on the Brokers & Webhooks from the left.


Step 2: Click on the Connect Broker from the top-right corner of the interface and select the stock broker or cryptocurrency exchange to which you want to automate order execution.


Step 3: Click on the Continue button to proceed further.


Next, you will need to authorize SignalStack to access your stock broker or cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to connect to a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, then you will need to submit the API credentials of your exchange that can be fetched from the account settings. To make this process easy for you, SignalStack offers the link to the exchange's documentation explaining the steps to fetch the API credentials.


On the other side, if you are trying to connect to your stock broker like InteractiveBrokers, then you will need to enter the broker's login credential to authorize the connection.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 152821.png

Stage II: Generate Webhook URL

Step 1: Click on the Brokers & Webhooks from the left.


Step 2: Click on the Create Webhook button on your stock broker or cryptocurrency exchange account for which you want to create the webhook.


As a result of this action, a Webhook URL will be created and added to your account. Copy the SignalStack Webhook URL as it will be used to establish a connection with TrendSpider.


Note: You can also create the test webhook connection (sample) first and assess the workflow before generating the live webhook URL.


Stage III: Connect to TrendSpider

While creating the Trading Bot in TrendSpider or setting up Dynamic or Multi-Factor Alert, you can configure the notification with a SignalStack webhook URL, as generated in the previous stage above, and send it in the JSON format like the following:

Sample Webhook Payload (JSON) featuring symbol, action, and quantity:


Whenever TrendSpider will send the alert to SignalStack via Webhook, SignalStack will automatically send it to the connected broker or cryptocurrency exchange to execute the action defined in the Webhook Payload.

Jul 9, 2024

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