How to Use TrendSpider Affiliate Manager Account

When you are accepted as an affiliate partner with TrendSpider, you will have access to our sophisticated Affiliate Manager Account which aggregates all the affiliate data and performance indicators to make tracking and management easy for you.

In this documentation, we will understand the purpose of different sections in the Affiliate Manager account.

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The dashboard tab provides a high-level view of your affiliate campaign. To begin with, you can view the total number of Referrals, Customers, and Clicks that have been generated along with Unpaid Earnings, if any.

TrendSpider Affiliate Dashboard

Multiple Campaigns

Affiliates can run multiple campaigns under the same account and switch between them by clicking on the View another campaign at the top.

View Another Campaign

They will be redirected to a new page where they click on the View campaign button for the campaign for which they want to view the performance data.

Click on the View campaign button

Affiliates have further option to view the inactive campaigns (if any)

view the inactive campaigns

Payout Method

If you have not selected any payout method, then you will observe the note for the same and an option to select the payout method.

Note for Payout Method


You can view the recurring commissions paid to you for referring new customers to TrendSpider who have subscribed to a paid plan. Moreover, all the affiliates have an option to recruit their friends or family members as their sub-affiliates to earn an additional 5% override commission from their earnings.

Affiliate Reward

Referral Link & Social Media

Affiliates can access their unique referral link at the bottom of the page which they can copy and share with others. They can also share their link with a single click by clicking the social share button for Facebook or Twitter or both.

Referral Link and Social Media

Performance Details

Always stay up to date about your current performance by clicking on the Details tab that reports the journey of users who have clicked on your affiliate link in the following way:

Clicks > Signups > Customers > Earnings

You can also adjust the time range to generate the performance data for the last 7 days, the last 4 weeks, or the last 6 months, based on your requirements.

Affiliate Account Performance Details

  • Clicks: The total number of clicks on the Affiliate Link shared.
  • Signups: The total number of users who have completed the registration by clicking on your affiliate link.
  • Customers: The total number of users who have converted from free trial to paid subscription.
  • Earnings: Total earnings generated from the customers.

Furthermore, you can also view the count of Clicks, Signups, and Customers from the top 10 URLs, Sub-ids, and Referrers.

Performance Details Based on Top 10

  • URLs: Landing pages of TrendSpider to which the users have been redirected.
  • Sub-ids: Sub-ids of recruited sub-affiliates from whom you are earning override commissions.
  • Referrers: Source or location on the web from where the users have clicked on your affiliate link.

Note: The values reflected under theTop 10table might be lower than real values.

Leads and Customers

Click on the Referrals tab to view the details of all the leads and customers and filter them based on the ones who are on Free Trial, Paying or have Canceled their subscription. For every lead and customer, you can view the email addresses, date of creating an account on TrendSpider, and the Status.

View Leads and Customers

Note*: The email addresses are concealed using stars but you can get in touch with our Affiliate Program Manager and request to have the email addresses disclosed by submitting valid reasons.*

Note: The users who have signed up using the coupon code will not be tracked and reported under theReferralstab.

Latest Commissions

Click on the Rewards tab to view all the latest commission amounts accumulated. For each commission, you can view the following details:

  • Status: Whether the commission amount is approved or denied.
  • Amount: The commission amount you have earned.
  • From Customer: Email addresses of the customers from whom the commission amount has been derived.
  • Created: The date on which the commission was generated.

View the Latest Comissions

The commission is Denied on the following circumstances:

  • If the system detects that you have used your own link to make purchases and tried to trick the system by getting a commission for a sale you never referred
  • If the customer cancels the subscription
  • If the customer has disputed a charge

Sub-affiliates (Multi-tiered Commissions)

Click on the Sub-affiliates tab to access the recruitment link that can be shared with others to enroll them as your sub-affiliate. If your sub-affiliates successfully onboard users on any paid plan of TrendSpider beyond the 30 days trial period, you will receive 5% of the override on top of the commissions earned by your sub-affiliates.

Note*: The recruitment link is similar to an affiliate link, just that it doesn't set a cookie and sends visitors to the affiliate sign-up page instead of the TrendSpider homepage.*

Moreover, you will also be able to view sub-affiliate details:

  • Name: Name of your sub-affiliates
  • Joined: The effective date of joining you as your sub-affiliate
  • Customers: The total number of users who have converted from free trial to paid subscription.

access the recruitment link


Click on the Payouts tab to access the details of the latest payments credited to you. For each payment, you can view the following details:

  • Status: Completed or Pending Payout
  • Amount: The total amount credited
  • Created: Explains when the payout event was created.
  • Paid at: The date on which the amount was credited.

access the details of latest payments

Note*: The amount is disbursed 30 days after the end of the month to treat chargebacks, refunds, and other issues that might occur. Until then, it will have “Pending Payout” as the status.*

Note*: The payout is credited only if the unpaid balance after 30 days is over the minimum payout balance - $100.*

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