Customized Color Labels for Watch Lists and Symbols

TrendSpider provides the ability for customers to use color code labels to organize symbols. When a label is added to a symbol in TrendSpider, it will appear next to the symbol whenever it is displayed in a watch list or scan result list.

Creating a label

To customize the color on any symbol, follow these instructions:

  1. Move your mouse to the right most edge of the symbol on the watch list
  2. Click on the label icon that appears
  3. Select a custom color from the color selector

Removing a label

To clear a label (remove the color) follow these directions:

  1. Move your mouse over the label you wish to remove
  2. RIGHT click on the label to remove it

When a symbol appears in multiple watch lists, the color code will follow it. Anytime the symbol appears in a scan result, the color code will also appear next to it. This allows you to use color coding to better organize your watch lists and scan results.

Using custom HTML Colors

You may also use custom colors using standard HTML color codes. To create a custom color label, please follow the steps below:

  1. Move your mouse to the right most edge of any symbol in your watch list OR to the existing color label
  2. Click in the label icon that appears
  3. Instead of clicking on a color from the selector, enter a custom color code into the text box at the bottom. Here are some examples that will work:
    1. "#FFFFFF" = HTML color code for White
    2. "White" - label for white
    3. "Red" - label for red
    4. "#777648" - for Gunmetal Green
  4. Click on the custom color in the right most color box
  5. When you select a custom color code, it will be added to the saved custom color icons at the bottom left of the color selector box, so you can easily re-use them in the future without typing the HTML color code each time.

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