Intraday Intensity Index


The Intraday Intensity Index (III), also known as the Accumulation/Distribution Index, is a technical indicator developed by Dave Bostian measuring intraday price movements and volume of a security. It seeks to provide insights into the buying and selling pressure experienced by the security during a trading session.

Input Parameters:


Use Cases:

  • Positive and Negative Values: A positive index value indicates the stock is experiencing buying pressure, while a negative value suggests selling pressure. The greater the absolute value, the stronger the buying or selling pressure.
  • Trading Signals: Traders can use the III to identify potential trade entry and exit points. When the index moves sharply positive, it may signal a buying opportunity, while a sharp negative movement could indicate a possible selling opportunity.

This feature can be used in:

  • Market Scanner
  • Strategy Tester
  • Multi-Factor Alerts
  • Smart Checklist

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May 13, 2024

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