Analyst Estimates

Select "Analyst Estimates" from the Other Data menu (top toolbar) to display analyst estimates and recommendations along the bottom of your chart.

You also can highlight which type of analyst estimates or events to display on your chart. To control what information is displayed:

  • Move your mouse to the Chart Legend (key) at the top left corner of your chart
  • Click the 3 dots next to the Analyst Estimates item in the legend
  • You will now be able to filter what is displayed on your chart. For example, you can filter analyst recommendations for only upgrades, or only downgrades.
  • If you have the Analyst Estimate sidebar widget added to your chart, you can also filter for Favorites (by clicking on the analyst names in the sidebar widget, and choosing Favorites Only from the analyst estimate preferences.

For a more comprehensive article on Analyst Estimates, please refer to the documentation- Analyst Estimates Widget and Chart Area

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