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At TrendSpider, we're proud to offer 11 distinct alternative data sources, providing you with an edge in your analysis and decision-making. Exclusively available to our Elite and Elite Plus subscribers, these rich datasets encompass a broad spectrum of information to enhance your market understanding. These data sources, located under the 'Other Data' tab on the top toolbar, are as follows:

On chart event display options:

  1. Analyst Estimates (US Stocks)
  2. Splits (US Stock and ETFs)
  3. Dividends (US Stocks)
  4. Earnings (US Stocks)
  5. FINRA Reg SHO Data (Short Volume)
  6. r/wallstreetbets Mentions
  7. Dark Pool Volume
  8. Crypto Fear and Greed Index
  9. Federal Reserve Economic Data
  10. Retail Traders Activity Percentage (US Stocks & ETFs)
  11. Market Breadth

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