1-on-1 User Training Sessions

What is Training

  • TrendSpider understands that the platform is a sophisticated application that may take time to get used to and understand
  • Training is provided to help jump-start your TrendSpider experience by showing you how the application works, helping you to customize it to match your trading and analysis style, and help you find the features and tools that you may want to use.
  • We will provide instruction on anything application specific.
  • Note, training is NOT intended to provide any actual trading advice. We do not train users on how to trade, we train users on how to use our product. A certain level of technical analysis and trading knowledge is required in order for training to be useful and effective.

How it works

  • Every customer is entitled to one (or more, depending on plan) training sessions.
  • Training sessions are scheduled in-app by following the below instructions.
  • Training sessions are for up to 30 minutes in one session.
  • You must access the session via the provided Google Hangouts link using the Google Chrome web browser.


  • TrendSpider will not be able to provide any opinions on any specific charts or stocks you are looking at
  • TrendSpider will not be able to provide advice on selecting or using a trading strategy
  • TrendSpider cannot opine on the effectiveness of various trading strategies
  • Training is provided for educational reasons
  • Only one training session can be used during your free trial. Additional sessions are available for paying members.
  • If you run out of training sessions under your plan, you may purchase additional training for $149 per hour.
Jan 19, 2023

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