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Trading on TrendSpider is available via SignalStack, an order router built by TrendSpider. SignalStack supports 18+ brokerages, refer to SignalStack home page to learn more. One can trade on TrendSpider by connecting their SignalStack to TrendSpider and then connecting their brokerage to SignalStack.

How TrendSpider and SignalStack work together

TrendSpider is an extensive platform which can help you with your market research and analysis. However, TrendSpider, on its own can not place orders in your brokerage account. That's where the SignalStack integration comes in.

SignalStack is an order router developed by TrendSpider as a separate product. It is a platform which can connect to more than 24 brokers and exchanges, and which is capable of delivering orders to any of your connected accounts. SignalStack allows you to submit orders, both manually or automatically.

Manual trading from TrendSpider works as follows:

how trendspider works with signalstack

How to trade from TrendSpider

Here's how you can trade from TrendSpider. First, prepare your SignalStack account and connect a brokerage:

  1. Add the Trading Widget to your sidebar
  2. In the Trading Widget, click "Enable Trading" in order to connect SignalStack. SignalStack supports one-click signup and one-click sign in for TrendSpider customers. If you do not have a SignalStack account, one will be automatically created for you when you click this button.
  3. Confirm that you allow TrendSpider to access your SignalStack account. This is necessary for your Trading Widget on TrendSpider to be able to send orders via your SignalStack.
  4. Connect your brokerage to SignalStack. The new connection will emerge in Trading Widget on TrendSpider shortly after that, usually in less than a minute.

After this setup stage is done, trading on TrendSpider is fairly straightforward.

  1. Select a brokerage you wish to receive orders
  2. Open a chart for a symbol you wish to trade
  3. Configure and submit your order in the Trading Widget. The order will reach your brokerage in less than a second. Typical order routing time is 0.3 sec, but for some brokerages under some rare circumstances it can take up to 12 seconds.


Currently, trading on TrendSpider is considered a Beta feature. There are a few limitations, most of which are going to be fixed going forwards.

  1. Only Market orders are supported at the moment.
  2. Trading is available only for the following asset types: stock, OTC stock, ETF, Crypto spot.
  3. TrendSpider does not display executed orders, neither in the Trading Widget, nor on the charts.
  4. Some brokerage connections do not support displaying a list of holdings.
  5. There can be a delay in upading one's list of holdings, up to 1 minute.
Feb 5, 2024

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