Market Scanner

The Market Scanner from TrendSpider makes it easy to create a dynamic Smart Watchlist based on a set of custom-defined & multi-factored technical or fundamental criteria. You can define your own conditions or select from more than 70 built-in scans to automatically search across the markets on any timeframe or combinations of timeframes to navigate the best trading opportunities.

What data types can you scan for?
     1) Price
     2) Indicators
     3) Candlestick Patterns
     4) Chart Patterns
     5) Fundamentals
     6) Earnings
     7) Dividends
     8) Splits
     9) News
    10) Analyst Estimates
    11) Watch Lists

In this documentation, we will explore:

Let’s get started 🚀

How to Create a Market Scanner

Start creating the market scan by clicking on the Market Scanner button from the top-right corner of the interface.


A visual interface will appear at the bottom part of the interface allowing you to select a built-in scan from the left panel or add a new market scan.

Pre-Built Market Scanner

The left panel contains all saved and pre-built Market Scanners. You can select our prebuilt scanners from the list with the hashtag #sample and run the scan to navigate the ideal trading opportunities.
Please refer to the documentation on-Pre-Built Scans to learn more about all the pre-built scans provided by TrendSpider.


Create a New Market Scanner

You can create your own market scanner and specify custom technical conditions by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Click on the NEW SCANNER button from the left panel.
Step 2: Name the Scan or keep the default auto-generated name.
Step 3: Select the List of Symbols that you’d like to scan, such as the Nasdaq 100, Russell 1000, S&P 500, or even your own custom watchlist.
Step 4: Select the Type of Chart that you’d like to scan, including candlestick, Heiken Ashi, or Raindrop charts.
Step 5: Check the Ext. Hours to allow the system to incorporate the data from extended sessions while running the scan. Please refer to the documentation on Extended Hours Support for more information.
Step 6: Check the Current Candle to allow the system to use the most current open candle while running the scan. If checked, then the scan will work in force, which means that it would treat the current last price as if it was a closing price for computing the scanner. If not checked, it will focus on the most recent closed candle.
Step 6: Create the technical conditions necessary for the scan using the same tool as the Strategy Tester or Multi-Factor Alerts, or start with one of the prebuilt templates and modify it to suit your requirements.

Click on the “add parameter here” and select any of the following from the dropdown list:

  • Condition: Select this option to add a parameter(s) within a group.
  • Condition Group: Select this option to add a parameter(s) to a group nested under an existing group.
  • Load From Template: Select this option to load a pre-made script template.

Since Market Scanner uses the same builder tool as Multi-Factor Alert, you can refer to the documentation on How to Create Multi-Factor Alerts to learn more about- GPT conditions, Happened control, multi tickers in single script, pre-made script templates, saving a template, removing a template, commenting on the block, and more.


Note: Market Scanner provides the deepest list of conditions (in comparison to other technical capabilities throughout the entire TrendSpider like Multi-Factor Alerts and Strategy Tester) while defining the criteria for the scanner that includes-Earnings values,Dividends dates,Dividends values,Splits,News content,Analyst estimates, and Watch lists.


Step 7: Hit the Scan button and the TrendSpider will download every symbol from the selected Watch List to run the scan and check if the specified technical conditions exist in those symbols or not.


The symbols that meet the criteria of your technical conditions will be made available in the right panel for you to check and analyze:


Tip: If the results of the scan are comprehensive, then you would like to allocate more room to the symbols in the right panel and the same can be done by toggling Full Screen mode icon.

How to Share Scanner

TrendSpider allows traders to share their proprietary Market Scanners developed on the TrendSpider platform with others.

Step 1: Click on the vertical ellipsis () adjoining the Save button.


Step 2: Select the Share this Scanner option from the list.


A modal window will appear providing you with the option to select who can access your Custom Watch List while sharing. You can select any of the following two from the dropdown: Everyone with a link can access or Only specific people can access and click on the Share button to generate the link.

modal window to share scanner

Similar to Google Docs, there are two ways to share scanners:

#1 Everyone with a link can access: You can generate a special link that anyone can use to subscribe and receive access to your scanners.

a special link that anyone can use to subscribe and receive access to your scanners

If they open the link, they will see a special page that describes what’s behind the link. If they click “Import this List”, “Login & Import”, or “Signup & Import”, they will be redirected to a TrendSpider application and confirmation request.

Special page describing what’s behind the link

#2 Only specific people can access. You can invite specific people via email by selecting the option- Certain People from the dropdown list, entering their email addresses (should be separated by commas) in the provided field, and clicking on the Share button.

invite specific people via email

If they are TrendSpider customers, they will receive an email invitation and an in-app notification prompting them to access the materials. If they are not a TrendSpider customer, they will receive an email invitation containing your affiliate link, if applicable.

email invitation

Note #1: You can also switch the “existing access criteria”, by changing your selection from the dropdown and clicking on the *Update** button.*

Click on the Update button

Note #2: If the content owner revokes the public access to the Scanner, whether shared with everyone or specific people, then users subscribed to such Scanner will lose their access immediately.

revokes the public access to the Scanner

Note #3: If the content owner updates the Scanner, then all the subscribers shall receive the updates in real-time.

Note #4: If the content owner removes the Scanner entirely; subscribers to that scanner immediately lose access.

Note #5: The scanners shared with others will have ashare**icon next to the Scan button in the visual builder. You can click on the same to manage the sharing access.


The scanners shared with others will have a share icon in your scanner Watch List also. You can click on the same to manage the sharing access.


Important Notes

  • The Market Scanner works with Stocks, ETFs, Currencies, Futures, and Cryptos but it is restricted for Indexes, and OTC symbols for some technical reasons.
  • The Market Scanner limits results to the desired number based on the plan you have selected. For more details, please refer to our Plans & Pricing page.
  • While sharing your market scanner, you’re limited to five non-customer emails per share to prevent possible spam abuse. If you need more, please contact us to discuss raising your personal limits.
Apr 16, 2024

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