Direct Connection with Discord Using Webhook

This document explains how to connect the TrendSpider Alerts to an external platform- Discord via webhook. This will allow sending alert messages from TrendSpider to Discord channels.

Generate Webhook URL

Generate and copy the Webhook URL from your Discord Account Settings by following the steps as outlined in this documentation- Intro to Webhooks.

A sample Webhook URL looks like that:

Dynamic and Multi-Factor Alerts

You can configure Webhook alert settings in TrendSpider to send an HTTP POST request to a URL for receiving the notifications. Simply enter the incoming Webhook URL where POST requests should be sent. In this case, you can enter the Discord incoming Webhook URL. For more information, please refer to the documentation- Webhooks


Webhook Body: You can add the Webhook message in the Your Note field while setting up the Dynamic Alerts or Multi-Factor Alerts in the format acceptable to Discord.

Example JSON: {"content":"It's time to buy the dip"}

Trading Bot

Selecting Webhook as the notification mode for receiving the alerts whenever the trading bot enters or exits a position will require you to define the Webhook Incoming URL and Webhook Body.

Example JSON Webhook Body for Entry: {"content":"It's time to buy the dip at %bot_symbol%"}. Example JSON for an Exit would be {"content":"It's time to sell %bot_symbol% now"}.

Please refer to the documentation to learn more about fancy options of an incoming webhook body for Discord Discord Webhook

TrendSpider Trading Bot Alerts

Dec 18, 2023

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