Managing Sidebar Widgets

TrendSpider provides users with a side panel having several powerful widgets that can transform your chart analysis and trading strategy for the better. In this documentation, we will develop an understanding on:

  • Navigation to the Sidebar Widgets
  • Adding Your First Widget
  • Add an Additional Widget
  • Removing a Widget
  • Types of Sidebar Widgets

Let’s get started 🚀

Navigation to the Sidebar Widgets

Sign in to your TrendSpider account and navigate to the right side of the interface to select the widget from the list.


Adding your First Widget

Step 1: Select the Widget(s) from the list you want to add to the sidebar.

For example, click on the “Alerts” sidebar widget and it will offer the “Add to the sidebar” option.


Step 2: Click on the “Add to the Sidebar” option to add the widget.


The widget will populate in the sidebar column as can be observed below:


Add an Additional Widget

If you want to add another widget to the sidebar, click on the widget and choose any of the following four options to place the widget:

  • Add to the Visible/New Column
  • Add to the Left/Right Column

Add to the Visible/New Column

To add your second widget, you can either add it to the visible column (existing) or the new column.


Also, if you have populated your second widget in the visible column, then your next widget will either populate in the visible (existing) or new column.


Add to the Left/Right Column

If you have populated your widget in the new column, then you will have the option to add your next widget either on the left or right column.

left-right column.png

**Note: You cannot have more than two columns to add your widgets and the total count of the widgets in both columns shall not exceed six.

Removing a Widget

To remove the widget from the sidebar, click on the “X” cross button of the respective widget.

remove a widget.png

Types of Sidebar Widgets

The table below provides the types of sidebar widgets in TrendSpider and the link to the help documents.

Checklist Widget
Season Widget
Insiders Widget
Analysts Widget
Notes Widget
News Widget
Options Widget
Alerts Widget
Watch List Widget
Bots Widget

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